Suspension and Alignment in San Angelo

At Carr Clinic we specialize in suspension repair and adjustment for all foreign and domestic vehicles, including classics and high performance vehicles. We'll investigate what is impacting your cars' suspension and fine-tune the proper components to improve your cars' road handling ability. We are well versed in diagnosing the problem and providing recommendations for your specific vehicle and how you use it and will check both front and rear wheel suspension.

Tire Alignment and Auto Wheel Suspension for your car in San Angelo

From inner tie rod ends, bushings, to cambers, castor and toe ends, your alignment and suspension needs to be tight, or you've wasted your money. We have become leading experts in West Texas alignment and suspension repair and are confident we can get you in and out quickly. Ask about adding springs and struts to your vehicle in place of air ride systems.

Alignment & Suspension Facts

We know all our customers are not completely knowledgeable about the intricate workings of a car. And the same questions about Alignment and Suspension work seems to arise every day. So, we've put together a few facts about alignment and suspension below.

Why and when do I need a wheel alignment?

Alignment by its basic definition is making something even. Your car's alignment needs fine tuning periodically and sometimes is needed after an accident. It's ideal to have your cars' alignment adjusted fairly soon after replacing your tires. What it does, is it extends the life of your tires and creates a more pleasant riding or technically speaking, steering experience. Our technicians are highly qualified to determine exactly what is causing the alignment to be off register. We look at more than just the camber, toe and castor settings in order to determine and resolve your alignment issues.

How do I know if my car is in need of suspension work? And what exactly is it?

What gives the driver control over their vehicle is the suspension system. As your wheel moves it encounters smoothness and bumps in the road. A properly set suspension will not only protect your cars' frame from the force or shock of the bumps, but also will provide a less bumpy experience for passengers with the added measure of safer handling for example, as when a car transfers it weight when making turns or manuevering rough roads.

If your car's suspension seems a bit shaky, don't hesitate to contact usWe serve customers in San Angelo, Mertzon, Ballinger, Miles, Christoval, Grape Creek, Ozona, Eldorado, Rankin, Sonora, Bronte, Texas and surrounding areas.