Auto A/C & Heater Repair in San Angelo

At Carr Clinic, we understand the urgent need for automotive A/C or heating repair in San Angelo and West Texas. Having no air conditioning in your car can make life miserable! Suffering through a West Texas summer with a broken AC system can make your life unpleasant. On record high days, it can actually be hazardous to be in a hot car with no AC; you can become dehydrated very easily. Instead of suffering for longer than you have to, contact us for affordable and efficient repairs.

We Can Determine the Cause of Your Automotive AC Problems in San Angelo

There can be quite a few reasons that your car's air conditioning system isn't functioning properly. Smaller issues, like low fluid or power, can be fixed very easily and quickly. Larger problems, like leaks, can take a larger and more involved repair. Either way, you can rest assured that our qualified technicians will be able to help with fast and efficient repair services.

Fast and Affordable Solutions for Your Cooling System

Our San Angelo A/C repair technicians will test your system to ensure that there are no leaks causing water and coolant to spill from the air conditioner. They will inspect the lines that feed refrigerant into the system to ensure they are not clogged or leaking. Once they have determined the cause of the problem and you have approved them to fix it, we will ensure the repair is completed quickly and easily.


Contact us today to get your air conditioner working again. We provide AC repairs in San Angelo, Mertzon, Ballinger, Miles, Christoval, Grape Creek, Ozona, Eldorado, Rankin, Sonora, Bronte, Texas and surrounding areas.